Testimonials ForRobyn Heathcock

She Became My Friend!

Robyn was referred to me by a neighbor. Robyn is nice and super knowledgeable. I was pretty set in what I was looking for on my “wish list” for a home. Robyn was so understanding, was very considerate of my budget and ideal location. I appreciated Robyn’s time and advice. Robyn was very informative when it came to offer time and stayed on top of the process, keeping in touch with me as it progressed. I felt very in the loop the whole process. I have been in my home for almost 4 years! We got an amazing deal! Thank you Robyn!

Even though Robyn and I don’t speak regularly, I feel like she became my friend! I will give Robyn’s name to anyone looking for a Realtor, and I will definitely call her when I’m looking for a new home (and to list)